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Wolf Atelier. 

Hmm 1 star lesser than MOS. Will I come back? On my own probably not. Invited or if friends and colleagues ask, why not.

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Korean black soybean noodles-Jajangmyeon

I m not sure if you have tried this mind blowing Noodle. If you have not, you should try. It’s crazily nice. I ordered seafood. So it came with prawns. 

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Changwon, Busan Korea 2nd day

All I do is BBQ here.. BBQ… La la la. It’s really yummy beef. And check it out, beef sashimi on pear. Really good. 

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Changwon, Busan Korea, first day

So I m back in Korea. Last min planned and thus a bit blur. Anyway my flight here was horrendous. Midnight flight and I didn’t sleep well. So kinda K.O. Landed and slept many hours. My first lunch here is Saboten. … Continue reading

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Maple glazed salmon.

This isn’t exactly at Sarnia. But it’s at Toronto airport Sheraton hotel. Awesome taste…. Not overcooked at all. Tasty…

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Sceneries from driving in Canada.

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Niagara Falls….

Wonderful isn’t it? This is passing by.

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Houston, Texas

Houston is a whole new experience for me. One of the wonders is guns are being sold at shops. Wow right? I just walked around in the shop. All kinds of real guns and ammo…. So cool.

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According to SK, I must blog about things other than food. Some of her recommendations include scenery, hotel room, people, etc…. Oh boy, the spouse will tell you that I am person of few words…..That’s why most of my blog … Continue reading

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Grilled rib eye and Kim Chi soup Seoul

This is locals version. Half the price, half the taste too. Worth the try though.. It’s grilled on grill pan instead of charcoal. So don’t have the charcoal smell also.. Still good lunch.

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