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Tom Yam Goong

Like I said, now I have barely 20 days left in SG, I am in a mad rush to document everything I want to remember. I do blog fancy places, those not so fancy ones, I never blog them until … Continue reading

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KFC – Salted egg flavor

If you ask the spouse, she will tell you I like to eat junk. Way too much of it. Anyway I can’t help it. If you like it, you like it. No reason needed. KfC seem to like to add … Continue reading

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A Poh Kitchen

This is my fav dinner place. There is once I ate the same dish a few days in a row. A Poh is in Clementi and just a stone throw away from where I stay. They have one of the … Continue reading

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My morning routine – Prawn Village

Suddenly, I am in a rush to document everything I remember in this city or rather, what I like to do here. So my morning routine includes me eating at my fav prawn noodle shop. Prawn Village at Ghim Moh … Continue reading

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Leaving Singapore

I will be leaving Singapore in about a month’s time. How time flies. The company called me back and I will be transferring back end of December. Its been 5 years this time. I am having so much mix feelings … Continue reading

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Crispy Pork

Hey hey hey, two post in a day. How’s that? Anyway I am on vacation and I just thought I want to try cooking crispy pork. So here I am. The below is the sequal. The verdict? The spouse rated … Continue reading

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Married to a lawyer series

Wow its been a while. I just lost the mood. Anyway I heard a comeback from the spouse today and thought I should log it. You know, for future reference. Me : You lost the oven instruction. The Spouse : … Continue reading

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