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Damansara Uptown Hokkien Mee

If you Google the title, you’ll know there is big hu haa over it. But not for me. My verdict, it’s normal. Nothing worth driving 10km to get to. Well next please.

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Tender Loving Care Breakfast

The spouse make cakes for me sometimes.

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Dirty Laundry Day Again!!!!

This happened maybe 10 years ago. I want to pen it down in case I forget one day. The spouse went for a holiday with her best friend. Yea, she left me home alone to take care of myself. What … Continue reading

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Protected: The Term Shitz Hitz Roof

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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The Charm of De-Cluttering

Oh, alright I am bullshitting myself. I wasn’t de-cluttering. I was just trying to recover $$$. So this is the first time I sold things online, but I tell ya, once I started, there wasnt any stopping me. In the … Continue reading

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I cooked meatballs for Sunday lunch today. The spouse commented that is a quirky recipe. And no, there isn’t any measurement. Just estimation. Recipe. Minced pork Minced onion Minced anchovies Minced dried shrimp Mixed herbs to taste Pepper to taste … Continue reading

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This shop is called People Of Kheng Chew. The coconut ice cream affogato is to die for… YUMmmm.

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