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Love/Hate relationship with HAZE/RAIN

If you have read the news recently, you will know Malaysia/Singapore is now plagued with the HAZE. That is a bad word….Today’s API reading was hoovering between 200-300…Thats unhealthy. At 6pm, my colleague and I called it a day and … Continue reading

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Bah Kut Teh

What is bah kut teh you ask? The direct translation is pork bone soup. However, in kl, they cook this bah kut teh with herbal soup, pork bone, pork meat and sometimes pork internals. I really like them. The spouse … Continue reading

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Chicken Ham Pie

The spouse made this. I love it.

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Things I Want To Remember #1

I guess part of the reason I blog is because I am quite senile. I want to one day be able to just open this blog and remember all the good & bad moments I have. I want to remember … Continue reading

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Fried Dumpling

This fried Dumpling is nothing special, except it’s made with tender loving care for me. The spouse made the Dumpling from scratch. The fillers are made of chicken and stuff. Anyway shall not get into too much detail. The big … Continue reading

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I went out to see a friend today and decided to walk around instead of going back… If you are wondering about Chijmes, you can read all about it here. For me, I like the architecture and the peacefulness. … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Sheng Kee

Yumm, so SK was looking high and low for this in Kl. Couldn’t find it. But in Singapore it’s everywhere. Since I am here anyway I will just blog about it. You got to love meat, noodle, rice or Chinese … Continue reading

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